Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart talk about the music career

The Chainsmokers is one of the most celebrated bands today due to songs like “Don’t Let Me Down” which most of their fans love. In an interview, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart revealed about their experience being artists, more so working together to promote the Chainsmokers duo. They both explained that what they do today is based on their passion. Alex, for instance, talked about wanting to become a DJ since he was young. He was DJing at such an early age. Later on, he quit his job to pursue dance music. Andrew talked about his love for electronic music. Before he met Alex, most of the people he met looked down upon this genre of music. Later on, he joined Alex, and they now work together as the Chainsmokers production duo.

Based on their interview, it is clear that teamwork is essential for the realization of career goals. Both Alex and Andrew had similar interests, and this is what enabled them to work together. They aimed to build an identity as artists. They, therefore, had to overcome obstacles on their journey. Due to their hard work, the music they produce seats well with their fans. These two artists claim that through various efforts, they have been able to connect with their fans on a deeper level. Working together has enabled Alex and Andrew to come up with very innovative ideas on producing music. Each of them has brought something different, and the combination of such approaches has made the group successful.

A unique feature about the Chainsmokers is that the content of their songs is usually based on their own lives. They write their songs and sometimes seek the advice of songwriters with whom they write. Delivering real-life content has increased the demand for their albums. Apart from producing songs, the duo is planning on adding dance records. The duo’s collaboration with another artist, Halsey on the song ‘Closer’ was very fruitful. Alex said that Halsey has a very unique voice and that she was cool to work with.

The Chainsmokers are very excited about the growth that they have achieved over the years. Their fans have increased, and their music is becoming more international. Undoubtedly, with this kind of attitude, the duo will achieve greater success.