Betsy DeVos is more of a fighter than you realize

While Betsy DeVos might be relatively new to Washington and how Washington works, she is not a woman who doesn’t understand how to fight for the causes she believes in. In fact, there are likely few Trump cabinet members that know how to effectively fight the way she does. Learn more:


One of the things she has managed to do is pose herself as an ally to people most would think she would be at odds with. This includes the time when President Trump rescinded the federal policy that allowed transgender students to use the school bathrooms of their choice as they saw it fit with their gender identity. DeVos met with representatives of the gay and transgender community. She warned of what was coming down the pike and then in private, made it clear she had fought against the move.


In public, the education secretary made no sign that she was even a little at odds with the new policy shift. The secretary was there at behind the podium when the President announced he had made the shift. She then went out stumping for the move, claiming that what the Obama administration had in place to protect these transgender students had been a massive overreach.


Those who know DeVos, as the New York Times points out, say that those who think she is just going to be someone who will bow down to the President at every turn don’t understand how she operates. Those who do know her often point to the way she has been fighting for school change and school choice for decades.


This isn’t a neophyte who donated money to Trump’s campaign and got a cushy job in return. That has long been the narrative that Democrats have been pitching. That narrative has been that she is someone who has never known what she was doing, or why she was doing it. Those who have worked with her in Michigan say she is someone who knows how to play the game and that she absolutely knows how to get things done.


There has been an extra level of pushback to her doing her current job, as it was to be expected, because of who she was doing her job for. The edicts, such as rescinding the rule regarding Transgender haven’t helped. The fact that her public face and her private persona don’t really match up has also thrown people who don’t know her well for a loop.


She is indeed someone who has quite a bit of money, being married to Dick DeVos. He was once the CEO of Amway and now the couple has donated billions of dollars over the years to their causes. Being in politics for decades, they know how they need to navigate those waters. As one political ally commented, there is a lot of fear of Betsy Devos in Michigan. That’s not just because she has quite a bit of money. Politically, she has managed to carve out a name for herself and her husband.