Bob Reina and Talk Fusion Introduce New Powerhouse Marketing Application

Talk Fusion isn’t the kind of company that has found success by way of maintaining the status quo. Talk Fusion is a video marketing and direct selling company that was founded by CEO Bob Reina in 2007. The company is based out of Tampa, FL but has put roots down in over 130 countries around the world. Read more: Bob Reina Home Business Magazine and Bob Reina| Ideamench

What makes Talk Fusion so special is that the company helps to bridge the gap between companies and their customers by way of high-quality video marketing solutions.

Talk Fusion also offers training to potential team-members who want to help promote Talk Fusion’s marketing products. Most recently, Talk Fusion added another tool to their toolbox with the newest edition of Live Meetings.

Live Meetings is a video-based application that allows companies to hold online conferences with up to 500 viewers at a time and 15 hosts all on video. What makes Live Meetings more than just a video streaming application is the bones of the technology that was used to develop it.

Live Meetings was developed with WebRTC technology and this has helped to streamline the product to companies that need an impact-service. WebRTC technology means that there are no extraneous downloads required in order for the conference to work.

Merely hand out the URL of the video conference and users can join in with the click of a button. Live Meetings works across all major platforms and does not require any sort of plug-ins or additional downloads.

Talk Fusion has spent the better part of the past decade developing marketing solutions for companies that need video as part of their platform. They’ve found continued success within the industry by following the lead of CEO Bob Reina. Reina went to college in Florida before he spent the majority of his professional career as a sheriff’s deputy in the state.

Reina eventually saw the opportunity that video marketing and network marketing offered and he shifted gears in order to focus on his new company. Talk Fusion is a prolific purveyor of video marketing tools as well as a philanthropic-focused company that wastes no time in giving back to their community.