Dr. Eric Forsthoefel on Use of Emergency facilities

Over the last three decades, the emergency units in most health facilities have been overstretched. This according to many medical experts has given rise to a new conversation: how to revert this trend. It is important however to note that the trend has its own causes. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has worked in this sector for the past six years. According to him, the tendency of people using these facilities is normal for him and other ER medics.

According to Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, misuse of Emergency facilities in many hospitals is due to many factors. These factors include the following. First, in most cases, the emergency facilities are more accessible compared to other non-urgent care. This makes most people opt the shorter route to medical care. Second, medical insurance has been an issue for most people turning emergency medical attention. According to him, the lack of an insurance cover makes patient run out of alternatives.

Other reasons why people opt for emergency facilities are as follows. They include the time factor especially booking of appointments. The age factor in some instances has been an issue. Young people according to the studies are likely to use these facilities even when they do not need an urgent attention. It is also surprising to note that the trend is across most cities.

The effect of the misuse of emergencies facilities has many effects according to Dr. Eric Forsthoefel. Although ER professionals over the past years have been effective in these cases, the rise in the number of people in emergency facilities can jeopardize ER efficiency. According to him, there is a need to control the numbers. The fact that many patients (without emergency issues) do not understand the whole picture is sad.

Does this issue need a new policy to avert it? Although the issue needs a preventive measure, a new policy on emergency cases is dangerous. First, ER professionals such as Dr. Eric Forsthoefel agrees to the fact that some medical cases are hard to determine whether they are urgent or not. This means, therefore, that any policy to this issue can affect genuine patients and sometime cause deaths.