Dr. Saad Saad: Inventing in Medicine

The article “The Life Saving Medical Inventions of Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon” is a great look at some of the supplementary work that is being conducted by Dr. Saad Saad in the field of medicine. Dr. Saad Saad is well known for his medical expertise around the world. He has served in various high-ranking positions that have required him to operate on the cutting edge of medical science.

His development of these new devices is just another step in his career towards advancement. A look at his devices will also show that he is interested in increasing the comfort of the patients while cutting down on the amount of time that they must submit to testing or procedures. He is truly compassionate as well as innovative. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon and Dr. Saad Saad | Crunchbase

The device that Dr. Saad Saad has earned much of his respect for is the endoscope with integrated suction and irrigation tools. These integrated tools allow practitioners to conduct suctioning and irrigation without having to remove the endoscope from the patient’s stomach. The endoscope is important for the evaluation of problems within the some make and upper G.I. tract. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: http://medicaldailytimes.com/medical-inventions/life-saving-medical-inventions-dr-saad-saad/3570/ and https://angel.co/saad-saad-2

If the doctor had to remove the endoscope when they performed irrigation they may not be able to see key areas that would be important to diagnostic tests. This tool is also important because the insertion of an endoscope can be quite uncomfortable. To perform irrigation, the doctor would have to remove and reinsert the endoscope. This is a very valuable alternative.

Speaking of a valuable alternative, another device that Dr. Saad Saad has been instrumental in developing is a catheter that features a unique electromagnetic location technology. Catheters can be used for various things throughout the body. Typically, their placement is vital and doctors need to be sure that their location is consistent with the client’s medical needs.

Traditionally, doctors would locate a catheter by sending the client down to x-ray and adjusting. With this technology and that would be a thing of the past. Dr. Saad Saad has already garnered interest in his development of this technology and it is slated to change the way that these procedures are conducted in the future.

While Dr. Saad Saad has earned a lot of attention lately as an inventor his time as a physician should never be discounted. After graduating from the University of Cairo he was eventually tapped to be the personal pediatric physician for the Saudi Arabian royal family.

This prestigious post is just one of many opportunities he has earned throughout his lifetime. As he continues to push for change within the medical community it is apparent that he shows a level of dedication to his craft that is rare for professionals nowadays.