Drew Madden’s Contribution to the Growth of Healthcare Sector

Healthcare sector has set a brighter future due to how it is shaping each day by using the digital technologies. 47 years old was the approximated human life expectancy in the 1900’s, and the church funded non-profit institutions composed the most significant percentage of the United States’ Hospital at the time. Also, during the same period, it was identified that the most significant number of people who died at wartime was not because of the battle but because they were infected by several diseases that led to worsening their conditions to the point of losing their lives.

Healthcare sector in the United States has experienced massive changes positively for quite a period, and this is due to a lot of investment that has been channeled to this industry that has led to the establishment of an industry worth $3 trillion. Also, in approximate each person spends $9,237 for healthcare. The same amount is roughly thrice to what most first world countries to invest in the Health sector; therefore, this clear indication of how much the United States values human health and life as compared to other countries. Despite, investing heavily in this sector, the results are still not that pleasing as expected.

Something that is worth noting is that most of the founders serving in healthcare like John Crowley, it was not their professional or a thing they dreamt for although it is via the act of nature for them to be serving in the sector. A good example is the personal ties within their firms. Also, it has been discovered that this industry has the fewest number of entrepreneurs as compared to other sectors and the stated reason is that entrepreneurs lack enough information and knowledge on where to begin. The other reason is due to the entrepreneur’s lack of ability to understand the problems facing this industry as well as the enormous spending associated with it tends to scare away potential entrepreneurs.

Finally, Drew Madden is an exemplary entrepreneur who is an expert in Healthcare IT. He undertook his undergraduate studies in the University of Lowa where he was awarded a B.S.E in Industrial Engineering. He has served in Nordic Consulting Partners for roughly six years as its president, and his stewardship majored on ensuring growth to the company.