End Citizens United For A Better American Society

With the current political scene in America, thousands of Americans are coming forward, asking for reforms to be brought about in the state of governance in the country. With that, numerous organizations to support the people have started springing up all over the nation. End Citizens United is one organization that stands for a change in the current government and is lobbying to bring about change in America.


The United States identifies as a democracy, which means the people have the sole right to choose their form of governance and have a say in the political matters that govern them. But a few years ago, the Supreme Court ruled a new law that would change all of that. According to the law which was called ‘Citizen’s United,’ companies and organizations had the same status in the government as the people, giving them the same rights and privileges as a common person. With that, businesses and the people who were running them started having more say in the government than ordinary citizens. Company owners started looking at political parties as a good investment to sway laws in their favor, and political parties liked receiving large amounts of money. This drove the political parties like the ones currently in power to start keeping the company’s interest in mind, rather than what the people wanted and what would benefit them.


This also led to a significant number of business owners entering the world of politics, solely to sway the laws in their favor. This is profoundly demonstrated in the recent election of various members to governmental positions who have attained these positions entirely because they have donated significant amounts of money to the party. End Citizen’s United was formed with an aim to put a stop to this injustice and give the power back to the people of the country. The organization believes that everyone in the country should be treated equally, and must be given the right to speak up on what they want from the government. The right to be heard should not be limited to those who have a significant amount of money.


End Citizen’s United was formed by numerous members of the society, who came together to establish equality in the American Society once again. The organization believes that the Democratic Party is the one that should come into power, as they have the country’s best interest in mind. They also believe that the party is one who actually listens to the people, and addresses their needs, making them the suitable choice for leadership in the country. Currently, the party is fighting for the reelection of certain members of the government, who they feel aren’t suited for the job.



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