George Soros And His Investments

George Soros is no stranger to hard work. He is a self-made business man that began his life in Hungary. It was there that he realized he wanted more and set out to establish himself as a force in the world of business. Through years of work and dedication he was able to do that and to this day he is a force in the finance world.

His career was molded by his education which he received from the London School of Economics. During his educational training he worked multiple jobs at once. These jobs ranged from the food industry to working on the railroad. After some time juggling multiple jobs and school he was offered a position at a merchant bank, which he took. After accepting that position his career goals started to fall into place. Know more about George Soros on Investopedia.

1969 was a year that will always stand out in George Soros’s career history. It was in this year that he started his very own hedge fund, now known as Quantum Hedge. He experienced tremendous success with this company. Although this was started decades ago he is still very active in the finance world. Soros Fund Management is how he remains a big investor and it currently is worth over $30 billion dollars. Finance is a huge part of his life but he is also active in other endeavors.

Politics is something that George Soros is very involved in. He is an active supporter of the Democratic Party and through the years has made large donations to many funds that support Democratic Candidates as well as Democratic views. His donations range from nonprofits to candidate funds. Although he has donated large sums of money to political organizations, he has donated even more to other causes.

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George Soros is a huge supporter of many philanthropies. His charitable passions range from educational to human rights. He has invested $13 billion dollars to different charities and organizations throughout the years. Through his donations he hopes to create a positive change all over the world. He is very passionate about education as well as health care and donates large sums of money to help reform these two areas of human concern. He is passionate about creating positive change, especially in the United States and will continue to donate his money to bring forth this change.

George Soros is an incredible business man who has created a career that is extremely successful. He is also a very passionate man and shows this passion through the many causes and organizations in which he constantly donates to. George Soros hopes to bring reform and change in the areas of the world and through his donations has been able to support the many causes in which he extremely invested in. George Soros has invested in much more than just the finance world. Learn more on about George Soros.

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