How Infinity Group Australia Helps Its Customers

Austrian’s very own Infinity Group Australia was started by Graeme Holm and his partner Rebecca Walker in the year 2013. It was birthed with a vision to help Australians reduce their debts and pay their loans on time. As a debt reduction and money management company, Infinity Group Australia armed itself with services that included furnishing its client with a personal banker, whose responsibility was to educate their clients on steps to take to achieve loan reduction, wealth creation, and better retirement plans. Infinity Group Australia deployed means such helping their customers create a budget of weekly expenses on necessities such as grocery, fuel, travel expenses and entertainment. These steps helped their clients to achieve a reduction in debts almost averaging a total of 40,000usd over a period of 12 months.



Infinity Group Australia Reviews



The infinity Group Australia Reviews was an indication of customer satisfaction with the services provided by the company. Happy customers indicated that they were now able to purchase a home which they thought was impossible. Some clients said that they could easily go to work without worries or have a fun time with family because they knew that their finances were in good hands.



The Key to the Success of Infinity Group Australia




There were several factors that contributed to the achievements of Infinity Group Australia and they include:

  1. Collaboration: This played a major role in bringing several ideas to the table. Employees were encouraged to drop their suggestions in the suggestion box, share innovative and unique ideas. They were also encouraged to engage in discussions with professionals outside their company and bring back vital information that would help the company improve their plans and strategy.
  2. Customer Service:

The customer service offered by Infinity Group Australia is top notch and continues to get better by the day. And no company offers anything close to the services which they give their clients. They achieved a lot of successes because their products and services are centered at achieving a thrilling customer experience. It is not surprising that they bagged the customer experience management awards in 2018.



Plans For The Future



Having achieved so much, Infinity Group Australia does not plan on stopping at the current achievements rather aims at expanding beyond its five locations. Infinity Group Australia aims to keep empowering people with the education required to achieve a debt-free life, have financial freedom, and enjoy a secure and safe investment. Learn more :