Hussain Sajwani, The Self Made Business Magnate, and Real Estate Investor

DAMAC Properties Dubai was founded in 1982 by Hussain Sajwani. The organization has its headquarters in Dubai. DAMAC is a Public Company dealing in engineering and construction works. Contact DAMAC if you have construction planning needs such as architectural plans. Naturally, the founder of the company Husain Sajwani was drawn to invest in real estate; houses that his company was competent to build. DAMAC Properties is engaged in construction works. It has won contracts with a range of construction needs. It operates in the wider Middle Eastern region.



Husain Swajani’s Relationship with Trump



It has emerged that the Arab Billionaire is a close friend and business ally of President Donald Trump. Reports indicate that the Arab business mogul is hoping to interact more in business with Donald Trump and his real estate company. However, when asked in an interview with NBC, President Trump denied that he had any intention of striking any more deals when still the president of the United States. However, already two major players in real estate have had their deals sealed with the Trump International Golf Club.



On the other hand, when Hussain Sajwani was asked in a similar interview of any business deal he may have with Trump, he answered in the affirmative. The business deals being focused transcend bounds and touch on Trump’s children. In an interview, the billionaire pointed out that on his part he has no problem engaging further with the Trump family and maintaining their business links. He further pointed out that Trump’s children were deeply involved in the business developments, and that they were fully aware, and safeguarding their brand.



It is an undisputable fact that Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump are longtime friends and business associates. Mr. Hussain mentions that his wife and Ivanka, Donald Trump’s daughter were close friends. He further notes that they have had many dinners together as family friends.



In revelations that seemed aimed at allaying any doubts if the two families were still close and in business contact, the DAMAC owner said that he recalls that Ivanka had been pregnant when working on one of the projects until she was almost due.



Hussain Ali Sawani; Background



He is the current CEO of DAMAC Properties. He also heads the board as chairman of Ceramic Tiles and Al Jazeera Services. Born in 1954, Mr. Sajwani was of middle-class parents. He attended Washington University and graduated with an economics degree. Mr. Sajwani is said to have had a desire to study and acquire a degree so that he could embark on a white-collar professional career. Information picked from his biography indicates that he always wanted to fit into the regular working system and work during the regular hours. Mr. Hussain Sajwani also attended medical school after he secured a government sponsorship to a Baghdad training institution, although he dropped out.



The Journey to Business Prowess



Mr. Hussain Sajwani began his career working at his father’s watch shop. He learned how to put on a business face early in life. He acknowledges that his father was a great inspiration to him. He soon discovered that he was cut out to steer his destiny as an entrepreneur. Such intentions were not favored by his father who wanted him to join the family business. His father never intended that he join the university. Mr. Sajwani had worked with several companies before he founded DAMAC Properties in 1982. He worked with GASCO, soon after university, and Abu Dhabi National Oil. His company DAMAC LLC soon evolved to DAMAC Group of companies.



Both DAMAC Properties and Hussain Sajwani have made contributions to the needy members of society. Hussain and his company donated 2 million AED to buy clothes for poor children. Indeed, Hussain’s organization makes contributions to many charities across the globe.