Jeremy Goldstein Discussing the Differences between the Stock and Knockout Options

One of the leading attorneys in the United States when it comes to advising compensation committee and planning employee’s benefits is Jeremy Goldstein. The expertise and experience of Jeremy Goldstein in this sector are undisputed, and he has worked closely with many of the well-known large scale companies to help them plan their executive compensation structure. Jeremy Goldstein and his law firm that he co-founded, Jeremy Goldstein and Associates LLC, is also known to have helped many of the corporate companies with their business deals, including mergers and acquisitions. Few of the deals that Jeremy Goldstein and his firm have managed include Duke Energy and Progress Energy, Verizon Wireless and Alltel Corporation, NYSE Group and Euronext, and much more. Jeremy Goldstein is also the member of the board of the non-profit organization named Fountain House.


Jeremy Goldstein often writes articles on the various trending topics related to law and corporate governance. Recently, Jeremy Goldstein wrote about why most of the employees have distanced themselves from taking stock options in their compensation plan. He believes that the workers these days are scared of stock options due to the increased volatility in the stock market. Jeremy Goldstein says that while stock options can help the employees to earn a huge amount when the stock market soars and the company grows; there is a chance of exactly the opposite of it happening as well.


Jeremy Goldstein suggests that knock out options, in this case, is perfect as the options become void below a certain amount, which means that the employees would be dedicated to performing better. It would help in bringing sincerity among the employees, boost company’s performance, and ensure that the employees get the benefits they deserve at the same time. The employees would be secured due to the timeline of exercising the option and the choice they have, which makes the knockout option a mutually beneficial employee benefit option many companies should consider.


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