Lime Crime Sold to Tengram Capital Partners

When Doe Deere was starting her company, Lime Crime, a long time ago, she knew that the future was very bright. There was a lot of competition in the American market, and women did not have a place in the complicated cosmetic department. The businesswoman was passionate about colorful makeup, and she wanted more people in the country to experience her great makeup. With this passion, the businesswoman started Lime Crime, and the rest, as we all know, is history. Lime Crime has not only grown and started offices in many parts of the country, but it has been capturing the attention of prominent people in the world. People who want to have something beautiful for their skin have been using the makeup products from the organization, and they are happy with the results.

After becoming a trendsetter in the United States market, the Lime Crime brand has chosen to take a different turn. The Chief executive officer of the firm, Doe Deere has decided that she will sell her successful cosmetic company to Tengram Capital Partners. The new move has been announced in many business newsletters, and it has been received well by the consumers. Tengram is very respected in the corporate world, and it is among the leading equity firms that have been dealing with branded retail companies in the United States. The new management is expected to take its position very soon.

When a company has been acquired, there are many changes to expect. This will not be different in Lime Crime. The company will now be operating under a new chief executive officer who goes by the name Stacy Panagakis. Stacy is among the few women in the cosmetic department, and she has so much expertise in handling the challenges in the industry. Lime Crime will, however, be in safe hands under Stacy. This is not the first time the businesswoman is handling a huge position in a large organization. The businesswoman has left the position of general manager is one of the most respected organizations in the country. Stacy is expected to use her skills in leadership to ensure that Lime Crime meets its goals.