National Steel Car: How The Employees Transformed The Company

The National Steel Car, based in Hamilton, Ontario, is a successful and competitive rolling stock manufacturing company. The company was founded more than a century ago by affluent business people who are based in Hamilton, Ontario. The company grew tremendously after it was founded, and they reached their golden age in the 1920s. However, everything changed as the economic depression swept across the United States. The company would only regain minimal growth after the end of the Second World War, under the ownership of Dofasco. However, Dofasco decided to sell them out after fears of the rolling stock crash surfaced in the late 1980s.


Gregory James Aziz, a businessman from London, Ontario, purchased the National Steel Car in 1994, after it was put on sale by its previous owners. Gregory J Aziz believed that he has the skills to transform the company, and it is one of the reasons why he is confident enough to buy the National Steel Car and later on the head its operations. When Dofasco left the company, some employees were left hanging, not knowing how the new management would decide about their future. More than 500 people who were hired by Dofasco to work within the National Steel Car requested Gregory James Aziz not to fire them from their positions. Gregory J Aziz stated that he has no intention of firing them from the job, and Aziz even developed the tenured employees to become trainers.


As the new management takes over, thousands of new employees hired by the company began to work in its rolling stock manufacturing department. The older employees trained them, and most of the newcomers learned quickly. The addition of new workers for the plant in Hamilton, Ontario resulted in more rolling stocks being manufactured, and it also raised the number of sales generated by the company.


It became apparent to Gregory J Aziz that the key to his success would be the employment of more people to work on his Hamilton plant. He directed his HR officers to conduct a job fair annually to encourage the locals to work under the rolling stock manufacturing firm.

Today, the National Steel Car employs thousands of individuals. They are helping the company by creating more rolling stocks that it could sell to its partners overseas, and they are also dedicated to doing their jobs because of the benefits that they receive. For Gregory James Aziz, it is important to take care of the employees because they are the reason why his company succeeded.

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