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OSI Group Furthers Growth Expansion Through Its European Division’s Acquisition of Hynek Schalachthof GmbH

OSI Group continues to strive for excellence in the international meat and food processing industry, and to seek growth opportunities. The company is parent to global divisions in the United States, Europe, South Africa, Australia, Japan, India, China, Brazil, and Philippines. Its OSI Europe Foodworks Division recently expanded to Germany after the purchase of Hneck Schalachthof, in March of this year, from owner, Michael Hynek. The acquisition places the European Division in a position that places nearby farms to the slaughter facility. The former owner will continue to manage the beef slaughter operations with the Hynek team.

In 2016, OSI Group LLC acquired Flagship Europe, Baha Food, in Europe, and Tyson Food Facility, in Chicago, Illinois. Flagship Europe was purchased from food supplier of desserts, poultry, and condiments, Flagship Food Group, in Colorado. The Baha Food acquisition included ownership of the Dutch manufacturer and its five affiliating companies. OSI Group paid more than $7 million to buy the old Tyson facility on the south side of Chicago. The 200,000 square feet building is in proximity to other facilities in the city and will benefit continuous growth in the region.

The expansion of OSI Group has exceeded the expectancy of the founder, Otto Kolschowsky who founded a small meat market over 100 years ago. The family owned business evolved into Otto & Son, by 1928, and OSI Industries, in 1975. OSI Industries is now subsidiary of OSI Group, one of America’s largest companies with over $6 million in revenue, in 2016. The British Council recognizes the company for environmental management excellence and presented OSI Food Solutions with the Globe of Honour Award. OSI continues to seek international growth and strive for excellence in the meat processing and food industries, worldwide.