Philanthropy Is Even More Impressive Than Political Giving For Dick DeVos

The Michigan based business leader Dick DeVos has recently been in the headlines for those of us who have an interest in both politics and education, which has meant the former President of the AmWay group has had his many philanthropic and political donations placed under the microscope. In is work as a philanthropist I have seen Dick DeVos complete a large amount of work based in both the education field and in other important areas of life; the work of Dick DeVos has resulted in Dick and his Secretary of Education wife Betsy providing over $139 million in funding for the various causes the couple and myself see as reflecting their own beliefs and philanthropic options.


In reading the MLive article about the philanthropic works completed by Dick DeVos I was amazed to read the entire DeVos family have given their backing to various causes to the tune of around one quarter of a family fortune rated at around $5 billion. Although their lifetime awards for philanthropic causes have reached more than $100 million, the President and founder of The Windquest Group and his wife gave an impressive amount to charitable causes in 2015 of more than $11 million, which reflects extremely favorably with the $5.3 million in donations given to political groups and candidates over the same period. Dick DeVos has impressed me with his own dedication to public service that saw him elected to the Michigan State Board of Education in the 1990s at a time when he was also the President of the multinational AmWay Group; the dedication to public service has seen both Dick and Betsy DeVos take on roles in the Republican Party in Michigan in a way that has impressed me in a major way.


The DeVos family as a whole are reported to have provided more than $100 million in support to various charitable groups across the course of 2015, an amount I find astonishing to comprehend. I have also been impressed with the way Dick DeVos has remained an important part of the local community in his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan; I was shocked to see Dick DeVos had provided more than $3 million in support to educational causes in 2015, but this is just the latest example of the support the couple have shown for education reform. As the President of The Windquest Group and the former President of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise, Dick DeVos has always impressed me with the range of interests he has maintained over the course of his career. Along with his charitable donations I have been impressed with the level of support Dick has shown for many different groups, including the West Michigan Aviation Academy and the Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan.


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