Positive Feedback from the Clients of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has topped the headlines over the years as a leading provider for the correctional market. The company ensures that inmates are up to date with the outside world and that they stay in contact with their loved ones. The company also publishes some of the comments that their customers have made concerning the company and how they are using technology to help fight and prevent all sorts of crimes within the correctional space. The comments come mainly from jail and prison officials in the US. Some come in the form of emails while others are formal letters, explaining how Securus has helped prevent further crimes and as a result made the world a better place.



More Client Feedback


One officer felt indebted to Securus because they were able to use information derived from phone calls to help get a warrant and capture a person who introduced contraband. Another also expressed their gratitude as their facility was able to monitor inmate calls and learn about inmate behaviors. Another officer commended Securus as a service they had put into use for over ten years and commended them for their contribution to the correctional space. The LBS software by Securus was also commended in one of the comments. The officer noted how instrumental the software is when used alongside other law enforcement resources to help the department catch offenders.


About Securus


Securus has served the correctional market for over thirty years. Through their revolutionary service, they can cater to more than 1.2 million inmates and over 3, 000 law enforcement and correctional agencies in North America. Through their services, incarceration facilities are not only able to track the movements of their inmates, but they can help inmates recover their lives even as they move towards freedom. Additionally, the inmates can stay in contact with their people outside the walls of their facilities.