Rocketship Education Focuses on Parents as a Resource

Filmoria recently published an article titled “Rocketship Education, The Public Charter School System of the Century” written by Jon Dingle. The article reveals the importance of parents and their role in a child’s education.

Parents are necessary to help their children absorb what they learn in school. Many school systems are beginning to incorporate parents as educators to help improve their active learning. Rocketship Education is one of the primary elementary schools that use parents to help establish skills in English and language arts.

Many parents within the San Francisco area whose children attend Rocketship Education charter schools do not speak English and are often first-generation immigrants. The school made it a point to demonstrate that the parents not only should meet with teachers but that the child can obtain a higher level of education when the parents take part in the education system as well. Despite not speaking English, many parents will support their child’s education simply by reading in their presence. This will often result in the child wanting to read simply to imitate his or her parents.

Rocketship Education elementary schools use three pillars to ensure the success of their students. The first pillar is personalized learning where each student has instruction and content tailored to their needs and learning styles. This allows the student to go at his or her own pace, creating a unique learning experience that enables the potential of each student. Rocketship Education also focuses on helping the teachers and staff develop their skills. By investing in the development of their team, each teacher is also able to improve in their teaching abilities and in turn, helping the students learn. It is also unique because the non-profit elementary school focuses on using the power of the parents. They understand how important the parental influence is on children. By helping parents support their children, Rocketship Education ensures that the public school survives.

They use four different content blocks throughout the day to improve student outcomes. Each student attends STEM classes, Learning Labs, Enrichment, and Humanities. By separating the content, the teachers are able to specialize in their chosen area allowing them to provide in-depth information.