Sheldon Lavin at the helmof one of the biggest company in the world

Sheldon Lavin came from very humble beginnings. Today, however, he runs one of the world biggest food processing enterprises. He is the chief executive officer of OSI Food Solutions that operates in Toledo, Spain. The company has been consistently increasing its production of processed chicken. This has been made possible by its new high capacity production line. Today, the company is able to produce over 24,000 tons of chicken products per year up from 12,000 tons. With the new production line, the company hopes to increase its production levels to 45,000 tons of chicken, beef and pork products. Thanks to this new production line, OSI Food Solutions has been able to create 20 more jobs hence increasing employee base to 160 people. The company’s new business premises, which measures 22,600 square feet, houses a development kitchen that will aid in keeping up with the changes in tastes and preferences for their clients.

To ensure that the company is sustainable as well as productive, the management has been encouraging its stuff to demonstrate care for the environment. The new premises, which is located in Toledo, has seen the company cut down its energy consumption by 20%. Because of the company’s commitment to sustainability, agricultural development and job creation, the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund saw it fit to grant it a sum of money to help with the expansion project.

In an effort to increase its operations across the globe, the OSI group acquired a food processing plant in Chicago in 2016. They also bought Baho Food so that they could have more footing globally. In addition, they purchased Flagship Europe from Flagship Food Group that same year, but they rebranded it and called it Creative Foods Europe in January 2018. All these efforts were geared towards making the company a force to reckon with in the global food processing industry.

Sheldon Lavin, who is the company’s CEO, has a vast experience in the food industry spanning over 40 years. He takes immense pride in the fact that he was able to grow OSI Food Solutions from a supplier of hamburger meat to a heralded global food processing giant with over 20,000 employees. Sheldon Lavin was the recipient of the Global Visionary Award that was presented to him by India’s Vision World Academy in 2016. The award is usually given to people who turned their dreams into a reality and Sheldon Lavin fitted the description.