Sussex Health Care, The UK’s Best Care Provider, And Service Centers

Do you have that old granny who needs constant care or that one family member with a chronic condition that requires instant and constant medical plus nursing attention? You do not have to worry, bring them to Sussex Health Care. We happen to be the best residential and nursing care providers in the entire Sussex. We provide Dementia Care, Neurological Care, PMLD Care and the best care for the aged.

Our company started in 1985. We have grown to be the best providers of emotional, physical, spiritual and social care. We treat each patient uniquely per their needs and condition.

With over 20 facilities across the Sussex area, we ensure that our service users live their lives to the fullest and as comfortable as possible. Our environments are safe, and we foster self-respect, independence, and high dignity.

Why Choose Us?

We are an independent company. We have a staff of highly trained carers and nurses. We offer high-class services 24 hours a day. Our meals are thoughtfully prepared from fresh and local ingredients. We also provide the latest technologies and therapies you can ever find. Furthermore, Sussex offers a broader range of recreational and educational activities in our purpose-built facilities according to

Sussex Health Care charges are affordable even to the middle-income earners and businesspeople alike. Do you know any person who is old, mentally disturbed, has physical or learning difficulties or suffering from diseases like Alzheimer? Bring them to Sussex Health Care. That is what we do best, making them feel loved.

Types of Care Offered

Care for the Aged

Our skilled nurses provide all-day care to older people with unique medical needs and dementia. Our 20 homes have accommodation for all. We also offer physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and reflexology upon request.

Special Adult Care

Not just the old enjoy our services; even the younger people who have learning or physical disabilities get our services. We have special facilities like spa pools, multi-sensory rooms and track hoisting for them.

Sussex homes also care for individuals with neurological disabilities.
We offer respite and palliative care too.


Where can you find us?

Find Sussex Healthcare homes in the following areas within Sussex:
Clemsfold House
Upper Mead
Rapkyns Care Centre
Forest Lodge
Horncastle House
Longfield Monor
Beech Lodge and Oak Lodge
Kingsmead Lodge
Norfolk Lodge
Orchard Lodge and Boldings Lodge
Rapkyns Care Home
Sycamore Lodge
White Lodge
Wisteria Lodge
Woodhurst Lodge
Beechcroft Care Centre and Harzel Lodge.

Contact us today or any other time for the best care. We respond quickly to phone calls or emails. You won’t be disappointed.

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