The Celebrity Doctor is in: David Samadi.

Dr. David Samadi has said that he always wanted to be a doctor and wanted to help people. He was born in Iran and lived there until he was fifteen years of age. He then moved to Belgium and then London before settling in the United States. He then worked hard and graduated from the Stony Brook School of Medicine in 1994 with his M.D. He has studied oncology for many years and moved his group of doctors to the Lenox Hill Hospital in 2013. He is now the Chair of the urology department as well as Chief of Robotic Surgery.

Just after the move to Lenox Hill Dr. David Samadi was a guest on Fox and Friends. Soon after, he became a celebrity and had his own show called Housecall. He was the host of the show for five years on the network. He has also written many publications on the progress of urology and, in particular, he has written several pieces about the subject of prostate cancer. Earlier this year Dr. David Samadi wrote a piece about former presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his battle with prostate cancer. He also explains why surgery is the better option compared to radiation for prostate cancer in particular.

The article is published on the Huffington Post website. Former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is doing well after surgery was performed to remove his prostate. Romney underwent the procedure last summer and was diagnosed with a tumor earlier in the year. Now Romney at the age of seventy hopes to run for the Senate seat of Utah.

Samadi says that it was a very smart choice for Romney to have surgery instead of radiation to take of the prostate cancer. He says that if a man has the surgery to remove the prostate the survival rate from the disease increases dramatically. If a person has radiation to cure the disease, it may not work and the disease could spread to other parts of the body. Other politicians have had the same procedure such as Colin Powell and John Kerry. They are both in good health as of now and neither has had a relapse of the disease.

Dr. David Samadi still contributes reports and articles on prostate cancer. He will continue to fight for a cure and keep up with the necessary research to unlock the key to this particular disease. It is his calling.