The Health Benefits of the Natural pH Level Found in Waiakea Water

People who drink bottled water might not be aware of the process used to manufacture the brands they choose to consume. This could be an important factor since the majority of people drinking bottled water do so in order to obtain the water’s health benefits. An online article highlighted the benefit of choosing a water with a compatible pH level. The pH level is what allows the healthy attributes of the water to fully benefit the body through cell penetration.

Waiakea bottled water has a pH level of 8.8, which is in alignment with the body’s own levels of pH. Not only does the Waiakea water pH level allow it to nourish the systems inside the body, it also allows it to help the body flush out unwanted toxins. The pH of Waiakea water makes it more alkaline, which is also better suited to the structures of cells inside the human body. This particular brand of bottled water also contains several essential minerals, which help the body maintain an overall state of good health.

In addition to the benefits Waiakea water provides to the body, it is also a brand that benefits the planet’s natural resources. The water used for this brand comes from the rainfall that lands in a region of Hawaii by the Mauna Loa volcano. As such, the water captured at its source is not only classified as sustainable, it is also pure. The manufacturing process used by this company to capture and bottle the water is also designed to preserve the water’s integrity by keeping its pH level and mineral content intact.

The team behind the Waiakea brand of Hawaii volcanic water not only strive to make sure their water provides the type of health benefits people are looking for, but they also takes steps to ensure people around the world have access to clean water. As one of the leading brands for ethical responsibility, the team at Waiakea water have partnered with Pump Aid to bring clean water to underdeveloped regions of Africa. This partnership has allowed for six new water pumps to be installed in the rural area of Malawi.