The “Unicorn Queen,” Doe Deere

Doe Deere is unapologetically bold in her hair and make-up. From her bright red locks to her neon eye looks, the owner of the vegan business Lime Crime is a trend-setter. Her pop-up store in London, England just recently opened, setting Doe Deere’s company up for even further success. In lieu of her new shop, she sat down to discuss her business. She explained that her goal is (and always has been) to create something unique and bright. She and her company see that the aim of make-up today is to stand out in a crowd, to be remembered, and that is exactly her life motto. Doe Deere also values being a vegan and cruelty-free brand very highly. Lime Crime does charity work for animals, so it made sense to her that the make-up should also be kind towards animals. Although it has achieved huge success in the past few years, the brand has encountered a few lows and mistakes along the way. Doe Deere explained that to her though, those mistakes are a part of growing, learning, and understanding what is better for the business. Doe Deere also gave a heads-up, explaining that violets are going to be the big trendy color for 2018. Lime Crime’s new palette, the Venus III Eyeshadow Palette, is “unicorn inspired,” and includes many of those violet and lilac shades. Since Doe Deere’s whole brand is centered around magical and mythical creatures, she explained that she and many others are inspired by the mystery, color, and uniqueness of these fairy tale fantasies. Lime Crime has recently dived into hair coloring products as well. Doe Deere has been dyeing her hair for 10 years, so it was no surprise when she introduced dye to the product line. Some may think that it is strange for a make-up company to get into hair color, but Doe’s explanation was that self-expression isn’t just through make-up, it involves hair and clothing too. She wants her customers to be confident in their look, and if that means a bright and bold hair color, she hopes to be able to provide that confidence. Lime Crime’s products are available online and in her pop-up store to anyone who shares her love for individuality. From an expert in self love and confidence: don’t be afraid to look and feel bold. If you love the way you look in bright colors, then rock it however you want. Learn more: