Things you need to know about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Law enforcement officers raided the homes of veteran journalists Michael and Larkin. Michael Lacey was arrested at his home in Paradise Valley while he was busy preparing for a ceremony that would take place at his home on Saturday.

The ceremony that would be in the celebration of Michael`s recent marriage turned out sour as he was still in custody. Police officers that attacked their homes were said to have carted away his belongings witnesses.

The two partners were the kings of news in the early 1970`s and they brought a major revolution in the sector. Their collaboration saw the founding of the Phoenix New Times in 1970, which was a successful venture.

Due to their interest in the famous listing, the two sold Village Voice Media in 21012. Backpage was also raided the FBI with allegations that it is an online brothel. Paul Cambria, a senior defense attorney of Michael said that he would go before the judge while his partner would see a magistrate. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikepedia and Jim Larkin | Twitter

Cambria was displeased with the sag and he vowed to fully defend his client. He insisted that Michael Lacey would plead not guilty to all the charges put before him and that he would fight strongly not to be detained at all. The incident led to unrest and many interviews with a vast number of people giving their views on the closure of Backpage.

In an interview with the wife of Senator Cindy McCain, she said that she heard rumors about the arrest as well as the closure of the Backpage website. She was overwhelmed by the closure of the sight and she was totally against the sites and procedures of allowing its clients to exchange information about sex. It already seems like Cindy was to grind Michael and Lacey.

Michael Lacey`s attorney believes that the whole incident will lead to total unrest among the countries citizens and he insists that it is against the constitution to close any form of speech in the country as a journalist have freedom of speech.

The two journalist have been arrested and put behind bars a couple of times, with them being arrested again in 2016. The arrest followed after the U.S Senator filed charges against them before later parading them in orange suits before cameras for view on televisions.

Besides, Michael and Lacey were also arrested following their clash with Joe Arpaio, a senior law enforcer in the country. Though he filed claims against them, the tow won the case which exposed the abuse of power by Joe and later they received 3.75 million as compensation for the harm caused against them.

Michael and Jim used the money to launch the Frontera Fund, which has striven to fight for the rights of immigrants in the country, human rights and the right of speech for journalists.

Besides, the Frontera Fund also emphasizes the importance of equality and many people have benefited from the foundation. The fund has received a lot of accreditation form many people for its ability to advocate for their rights.