Tips To Help You Shop For The Best French Wines With UKV PLC

According to statistics, France produces more than 8 billion bottles of wine every year. This fact indicates that among other things, the French produce thousands of wine varieties and appellations. In case you are a French wine enthusiast, but haven’t gotten an opportunity to understand their wines, the following tips and guidelines about wines from different parts of the country might be useful.

There are four main areas where French wine comes from. These include Bordeaux, Loire, Champagne and Burgundy. The varieties of wine produced in Burgundy are very important to them. The most common wines from this region are the pinot noir variety. They also use Chardonnay grapes for their white wine varieties.

Then, there is the wine produced in Bordeaux. In this area, the focus is medium body red wines that are gotten from a mixture of different grapes. The most common varieties here include Malbec, Cabernet Franc or Merlot. There are many vintners in this region so the supply is great.

The other region where wine comes from is Loire. There are 87 different wine appellations that come from this region, and mostly they produce light bodied white wines. Champagne on the other hand is famous for the production of white bubbly wines which are different from those produced anywhere else on the globe. Local vintners use double fermentation processes to come up with the best wines in the region.

All these wines are accessible through the UKV PLC, their Facebook page and their LinkedIn. Contacting them is the first step towards getting the best wines for subsistence or distribution.

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