Traveling Vineyard Guides Enjoy a True Sense of Community

      The Guides share quite a lot on social media, and the Traveling Vineyard Twitter account is always abuzz with exciting trips to wine regions and pics from wine tastings that are shared by the Guides in such a way as to foster a true sense of community. One of the highlights of Guide trips is the wrap-up of how to explore Napa Valley like a true wine enthusiast.

Napa is a favorite wine destination and the Traveling Vineyard Guides are definitely in the know. Their highlights also include a plethora of non-wine-related activities. The Traveling Vineyard Guides show their camaraderie and great depth of wine knowledge whenever possible. The company really does quite a lot to help its Guides to feel a part of an active team and a part of something larger than themselves. The company provides a good opportunity to make money and also have a lot of fun. Traveling Vineyard helps wine enthusiasts to teach others about a subject that has brought them a lot of fun.

If you are looking for a part-time gig that will help you to earn money while having fun, the Traveling Vineyard business model may be a good fit for you. The Guides do not need to be wine experts, but wine enthusiasts. They will learn more about winemaking, different varietals and what foods pair well with certain types of wines. The boutique nature of the wines offered by Traveling Vineyard ensures that there will be a lot of interesting back stories, and with their new knowledge, Guides share their information with friends at home-based wine tastings.

The business model of Traveling Vineyard works well with people that enjoy learning more about an area of interest and love to share their love of wine with others. The home-based wine tastings make it easy to teach participants what they want to know.

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