Understanding The Career Trajectory Of Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler is an investment expert and a prominent serial entrepreneur. He is popularly recognized in the financial industry for co-founding Pali Capital, and also founding Forefront Management Group. Currently, Reifler serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Capital. Learn more about Brad Reifler: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brad-reifler-6411b58

Previously, the entrepreneur was the chairman and CEO of Pali Capital, an international financial service provide. Forefront Capital is a specialist in the forex and commodities market. Brad’s experience in the business world spun more than three decades, focusing mainly in the financial industry.

Start of Reifler’s Career

After graduating, Brad Reifler founded an investment firm Reifler Trading Company in 1982. The company focused on derivatives trading and was very successful. Later, he joined Refco where he was a star trader, and in the year 2000, Reifler Trading Company was acquired by Refco. Learn more about Brad Reifler: https://twitter.com/bradleyr?lang=en

The entrepreneur has also served as a director for several companies like Foresight Research Solutions, Sino Mercury Company and Genesis Securities.

After his company was acquired by Refco, Brad Reifler utilized that opportunity and formed Pali Capital. He served as the company’s CEO and Chairman and it was very successful. Pali Capital was able to earn up to $200 million in profits during Reifler’s tenure. In addition, the firm opened several branches in Australia, United Kingdom and United states.

Reifler’s Current Role

Today, Brad Reifler is the Chief Executive Officer at Forefront Management Group, LLC. Forefront Advisory and Forefront Capital Markets are other affiliates of Forefront Group. The company provides professional advisory services to forex and commodity traders.

These two sectors of financial markets are very volatile, and that is why Brad’s experience if critical in this industry.

Forefront Capital provides investment advisory services to both institutional and individual clients. Brad Reifler has been very instrumental in advising as many people as possible to join the world of investing. According to the investment expert, this is a perfect area for all including small and middle earners to put some funds for their future.

Reifler earned his degree in Economics and Political Science from Bowdoin College. After joining the business industry, Brad has helped many individuals find unique ways of investing into their future.

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