Vijay Eswaran Feels that Graduates Should be Creating Jobs not Seeking Employment

There is a call for higher learning institutions to encourage their graduates to become job creators as opposed to the common occurrence where every graduate wants to seek for employment upon completion of school. The executive chairman of QI one Mr. Vijay Eswaran feels that this should not be what is happening.

Vijay Eswaran blames this culture to conservative thinking which has trained most students to think about being employed as opposed to being the employers. The idea f being consistent job seekers has created an unhealthy chain.

The chairman takes note of the continued advancement of technology as machines and robots seem t be taking over functions that were formerly performed by these individuals. Unfortunately the people of the world are also increasing in population. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: and

However, there is a different population comprised of Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and South Koreans among other related nationalities that have no problem learning and mastering the necessary techniques and experience that will enable them to become employers to the people they are luring.

According to Vijay, anyone seeking for a job opportunity for the first time should consider a post that they are qualified for. It is a choice one has to make whether to work for a startup company or seek to be among the established firms. Whichever you choose to follow makes sure that you are deciding with the pros and cons of either environments in mind.

The bottom line is that there is no easy way out, there will always be complaints on the other side regardless of which end you choose to follow. What matters is your ability to learn about business development stages at every level.

This is how Vijay himself started out with a startup which began as an idea that was thought through to the end. He advises that when students signup to work with startups they need to be ready and willing to be a part of the psychological contract that they will be needed to shoulder as part of the vision carriers.

According to his experience, a startup will provide the best growth platform for any person that wants to start out on their own someday.

The fast paced action and free communication in this setup will be more beneficial compared to when one works for an already established and mature corporate company. Job creators will prefer the ever evolving world that teaches people to work on their goals.

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