Wes Eden Financial Expert

Wes Edens is one of the brains behind the formation and management of the Fortress investment group. The company comprises of three principals who include San-Francisco –based Peter Briger, New York-based Randal Nordone as well as Wes Edens. Before joining forces with other principals to form the Fortress Investment, Wes Edens was a managing director as well as a partner at BlackRock and Lehman Brothers. He graduated from Oregon State University where he majored In Business Administration and finance. Thus when he joined Fortress, he was able to bring his expertise in management, and as a result, he has played a significant role in the company experiencing robust growth.

Despite Edens being the leader in the finance of the organization, he is also involved in the professional sports ownership in various discipline. Notably, in 2014 he purchased NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks for a staggering fee of $550 million. Besides, he also owns FlyQuest, a team in the League of Legends team. The team actively competes in the North American League of Legends Championship Series where its sponsored by Fortress.

In the management structure of the Fortress Group, Wes Edens is primarily involved in the Private Equity department, which was the primary driver of success for Fortress when it was formed. The main aspect that makes Eden head the Private Equity division is his ability and readiness to take on complicated scenarios that have high risks and high returns. In the course of dealing with the management issues, Edens believes that difficult or fluctuating environments are opportunities to leverage and generate significant returns. Moreover, Edens has identified investing in sports activities as the next big frontiers to invest and generate revenues. Therefore, Fortress Group with the guidance of the guidance of Edens is contemplating buying the ownership of Aston Villa Football Club. The investment in the Aston Villa comes at a time when the football club is experiencing some financial cash flow challenges. Nassef Sawiris and Eden are expected to contribute and facilitate the purchase of the club. The main aim of purchasing the club is to bring it past glory by investing in quality players and motivating the fans to get involved.