Andrew Rocklage and the Trampoline Park Game

The age that you begin your career never decides anything in life. At least that is what Andrew Rocklage would say about himself. That is exactly what he would say about himself. This Boston attorney managed to change things when least expected to do so. Today, he is the franchise owner of the Sky Zone company in Florida. Here is how that happened.

He found this Los Angeles based company, called Sky Zone, which is a trampoline park, and fell in love. That’s really all there is to it. When someone has a dream that is attainable, then why not just go for it? That’s what he did too. Some might wonder how he pulled it off.

Having played Lacrosse in his younger years, he had enough experience with the sports world to know a thing or two. He used that, coupled with his love of the law, to make the franchise the success that it has become. Back in the day he had no idea that he would ever want to be in sports for any reason. Yet here he is today. It’s an amazing journey.

Then here he was in 2016 starting to make that change. Today it’s all in the past. He is an enormous success and wouldn’t trade his choice for anything. It’s inspirational. He began back in Massachusetts in Amhurst, where he attended the university and completed the Isenburg School of Management.

This led to his work in law, specializing in sports, in all things. His degree in law came from Suffolk University Law School. He graduated with honors as Juris Doctor. That type of dedication is amazing. Few get to the point in life where they achieve all of that and then simply change the paths so quickly and seemingly, without warning. Maybe it was in the stars after all.

He didn’t stop there though. He also studied technology and learned everything that he could in that area of expertise. Perhaps his next venture will be in that field. The future will show in time. For now, Andrew Rocklage is happy to be on the trampoline sports field.

It’s definitely a lot more fun than sitting behind a stuffy desk all day. Of course, he does have that type of work to do, but every now and then you have to wonder if he goes to his trampoline park for a little bit of fun.

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