Roberto Santiago has Worked Hard to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

Roberto Santiago is a business mogul who has been recognized in Brazil due to his success in entrepreneurship. Many ventures that he has established have been highly successful due to the wealth of experience that he has gained since he was a teenager. The 56 years old entrepreneur has a business administration degree from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. He also schooled at the X-Marist College during his early days. Santiago is the founder and owner of Manaira Shopping Mall, which is a business center that has been recognized in Joao Pessoa for the past thirty years. The mall was opened in 1989, and it has been offering an excellent experience to the shoppers. The residents of the city recognize it due to the exceptional entertainment facilities that it provides. The continually rising population of Joao Pessoa has made Santiago expand the mall several times since 1989. Manaira Shopping houses several businesses. They include shopping stores, financial institutions, a food court, a concert hall, movies theaters, and a gaming zone.

The Domus Hall is a concert room that was built on the rooftop of Manaira Shopping in 2009. It is hired for holding various gigs, and they include weddings, concerts, conferences, exhibitions, and many other activities. The hall is spacious, and it can accommodate about 4000 seated people. It has been fitted with modern equipment such as air conditioners, sound systems, and its walls are sound proof. The cinema halls also have state-of-the-art technology such as 3D screens. The gaming zone has several fun activities and has about 200 machines. Read more on

Manaira Shopping’s food court has been designed to serve shoppers with deferent budgets and cravings. It has a variety of restaurants that range from cheap fast food cafes to luxurious bistros such as Capital Steakhouse, Waynes, Gourmet, and Espacio. The mall also has different shopping stores that offer a wide variety of products to the clients. Shoppers can access products such as household items, sports gear, clothing, jewelry, and many others. Manaira Shopping also has various banks where customers can withdraw or deposit money and a school that is called the College of Higher Education of Paraiba.

In 2013, Mr. Santiago established another business center that is called Mangeira Shopping Mall. The mall is recognized for offering modern facilities to the shoppers. Roberto is committed to ensuring that his company provides the best services to all its clients. He has been renovating the place to make sure that all its amenities are updated. The presence of Manaira and Mangeria Shopping malls in the city has significantly contributed to its economic growth. Other businesses that Roberto Santiago has been involved in include real estate and the of manufacturing decorative and entertainment materials. The two ventures helped him to accumulate a lot of wealth. Visit his profile page on Facebook.

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