Securus Technologies gets Loads of Glowing Mail from Users

Securus Technologies Inc. is a Texas-based Technology Company specializing in the development of communication technologies for correctional facilities. They provide solutions for public safety, monitoring, investigation, and correction. The company aims at making the correctional experience both worth the time and much safer. To this end, it works with many prisons across the country in providing much-needed services which have for a long time been neglected such as providing efficient communication between inmates, their defense attorneys, and their families. Over the years, the company has received many accolades for its stellar work, both in Texas and in other states.


Indeed, in October 2016, the company revealed that it has been receiving plenty of glowing feedback from its clients around the country and in Canada. These included the inmates, their defense attorneys and family members, most of who were amazed by the quality of their services and their affordability. Also chipping in with their positive opinion of the company were prison and jail officials who commented Securus Technologies Inc. for doing their work in the prisons much easier and way more organized.


Majority of the clients commented the company for its innovations which they said had made their communities much safer. By allowing for the swift investigation of criminal activities and the apprehension of criminal elements in the society, the company has made it much safer for these communities. Further, the incarceration process has been made more worthwhile by the development of technologies that make it productive for the inmates. The company has developed many technologies that have made it a leader in its industry.


Founder and chief executive officer Richard A Smith has revealed that Securus develops a new technique each week to enable law enforcement to prevent and solve crimes. Securus Technologies Inc. has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

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