Securus Technologies, Shutting Down Contraband Drones

Securus Technologies of Carrollton, Texas is a leader in inmate telecommunications networks. They provide incarcerated inmates with a variety of needed services to keep in telephone contact with family and friends. Now, Securus Technologies has expanded their direct involvement with Correctional Facilities. Partnered with facilities nationwide, Securus is offering enhanced protection to the law enforcement and corrections environment. This comes in the form of drone detection. Since the introduction of drones in 2002, law enforcement officials and correctional facilities have witnessed an increase in the amount of illegal substances, contraband and weapons inside of prisons.


Drones were being used by individuals on the outside with ill intent, who were taking advantage of the technology to supply incarcerated inmates with a variety of contraband. The drone detection by Securus Technologies is a welcome investigative solution; it prevents these illegal items from being received by inmates. This technology bridges the gap between a given geographical area and a structure. It’s based upon the use of a distributed antenna system, (DAS), which is also referred to as, a digital antenna. The signal from the approaching drone is detected wirelessly, giving correctional personnel advanced warning whenever a drone approaches the perimeter of the facility. Thus, thwarting the attempted delivery of contraband items through detection and prevention. According to Securus, this not only improves public safety, but it also provides ample opportunity for Securus to fine tune the technology.


Securus uses drone detection technology to protect their clients from public threats. But in doing so, they also maintain a steadfast commitment to providing a high level of customer service. For public safety and telecommunications efficacy, customer concerns must be addressed quickly and efficiently. At Securus Technologies, satisfying the customer doesn’t get lost in the crux of daily operations. Evident by the fact that Securus has been recognized as a leader in customer service excellence for the third year in a row. The Stevie Award is given to organizations that demonstrate achievement in sales and customer service. Securus is a 2018 recipient of the Stevie Award and since 2005, they’ve also maintain an A+ accreditation rating with the Better Business Bureau.


Public recognition achievements are not awarded, they’re earned. And Securus Technologies has consistently demonstrated high levels of business integrity in handling customer issues and complaints. It would seem that a provider with multi-layered responsibilities, could forget the importance of maintaining quality customer relations. With the inclusion of Securus as a Stevie Award recipient this goes beyond the award itself. It shows the public that Securus Technologies is committed to transparency in customer relations, along with the effective execution of telecommunications, security strategies and operating as a gateway for government payment services.